Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hummingbirds, Whooping Cranes, And a revisit to the Three philosophers.

BIRDwhoopingcraneBarrenCoKY7Feb10DLRoemer   th98U2LP0Y   It’s getting cold here in Iowa….and the Migration is on!   Last week,  Cheryl and I witnessed migrating Whooping Cranes over Iowa City during the Saturday Farmers Market.  We had to look them up because I was not sure what they were at first.   You see…it was bright, chilly, and the sky was the most Brilliant of Sapphire Blue.  These birds were strikingly white and black. Wcranes-ken-bushman  I have seen plenty of Sand Hill Cranes and Blue Herons.  Egrets live further south and are completely white.   But never there black wing tips.  DSC_6452It was funny..because we have a mobile with whooping cranes in our very living room.  Anyway,   the online search shows how they differ from other birds  ( like the Japanese version)  They were quite the site to see.  DSC_0157 And most people never noticed then because they were VERY high in the sky.  Lucky us!whooping-cranes-flying-i15



  And then there are the hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds-after-Rain-1-of-1-nggid03430-ngg0dyn-779x0x100-00f0w011c010r110f110r010t010I think the parent birds are gone and the “kids” remain fighting over the feeder.   As mentioned before.  the weather has become chilly as of last week and I’m sure it will not be long before they had better pull up stakes and head for warmer climate as well.   But in the mean time.  They have been fighting and swarming the feeder like fighter jets.  thW09ITENP They dogfight all day long until just before nightfall.   And then all three will call a truce and sit on the feeder together to tank up for the night.  I have been enjoying the fun for several days now.  I love my feeder getting so much activity.   I’m a little concerned that my “potent brew” might be causing them to hang out longer than they should.   I would hate for them to get stranded here when the killing frost its.  Ah well….I’m sure Mother nature has programmed into them somewhere when they should call it a day and head on out.  As for now…I’ll continue to enjoy the display. 


DSC_6445  And finally,   Cheryl and I revisited the Three Philosophers.  My first impression was smoky sweet.   Cheryl’s was Dried apricots.   I could taste the apricots after she had mentioned them….but I think Abby Ale is still my favorite.  Still.   It is a good beer and has quite the spectrum of flavors packed in.  ( more than just smoky apricots)  DSC_6450Cheryl thinks it would taste really good with a dark chocolate ice cream.   I’m not sure how any beer would taste with Ice Cream…but recently….with the various pumpkin ales and honey Weiss, I’m sure that it may be possible.   If that experience ever happens…I’m sure I will have to blog about it.  

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