Friday, July 1, 2016

Bike Tire Fix...Part 2!

This time,  I tried to keep things simple.   Just Fix the TIRE!    This is a challenge for me..not because the actual task is difficult.   Rather,  because I am one of those people who seeks perfection and messes around with things until I make them worse.

Ok,   That is somewhat untrue.  How about I simple mess around with things either because I try to maximize my time or my effort.   Usually I simply make more work for myself in the end.   This is why I hate people who have a hyper attention to detail....It's a quirk.

So,  when you set in your mind to accomplish one task,  things go much better.   I pulled the outer wheel off and turned it around. (something I had wrong from's a tread thing)

Put in the new inner tube and  walked down to the Casies  to fill it with air.

It's on the bike now and works fine.   Sure there is still a bit of a wobble, but it does not rub the rear brake (at least from what I can see.)  So I'm ready for Cheryl's long run tomorrow.

I'm home at the moment, by the way.   Only a select few scorers got to work today to finish up the prompts.   I worked last Friday,  so it's my turn to take time off.   I'm OK with this.  However,  Cheryl still has to show up and back read
...  and my check will be smaller in the end.

While writing this and working on my bike,  I have the apartments to myself...therefore I can crank up my favorite songs and have no one complain.  ( usually Cheryl...who does not like my barbershop chorus stuff.)  However,  every now and then I come across an oldie that makes me warp back to the '80's.   Enjoy Linsey Buchingham.  ( I hear he is one of the greatest guitarists.   I'm sure it is an opinion being as how music is such a subjective....subject)   Ok...enough of the lead up....Enjoy Going Insane!    '80's BABY!  YEAH!

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