Sunday, July 3, 2016

Red White and Boom Packet Pickup

Cheryl's Game Face!
Happy July 3rd!   We have arrived alive and well in the Twin cities and have picked up all of the "pre-race" stuff.   Now all that is required is a good night's sleep and Cheryl's game face for tomorrow.  I could show you some boring pictures of Cheryl picking up the packets and et al.  however,  I forgot to take pictures.   Opps.

Ah well,  tomorrow will be the real deal.   The course is an out and back I will be able to catch the start and the finish...just like last year.   The weather is predicted to be "ok" tomorrow morning.... warming up later in the day...AFTER the race is fingers crossed that the predictions hold true.

Me at 4 A.M.... NOOOoooooo!
After 6 hours of driving....I'm a little tired...and we have to get up a 4 A.M. tomorrow..   which will be rough....for me, mostly.   So I'll keep the posting down to a few paragraphs and post more tomorrow.   With a little luck...perhaps I will be able to add in some firework pics to boot!  Wish us Luck!

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