Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Fourth Fireworks For the Weekend.

After staying up beyond my limits to capture the fireworks on the 4th of July....I was simply too exhausted to post them the next day.   However,   Having suffered the lack of sleep in the effort to capture them,  I decided to post them today instead.

What can I say....  This week has
been longer than I had anticipated.  With Friday safely behind us,  we can begin to focus a bit more on rest and recovery.   I sould also point out that Cheryl and I both must have brushed up against something in our quest for those berries.   Not sure if it is poison oak,  Ivy,  or stinging nettle.   Throw in a few bug bites and our exposed skin has been under a constant assault of the "itchies".   We picked up some itch relief at the store today, and I should probably put some on before we head out tomorrow.  The funny thing about that is that it has been several days since we hiked out there into the poisonous foliage.   I  wonder how it is that this delayed reaction  or torment has befallen upon us now!

To be fair,  I guess I have been itching for a couple of days now....but still.   you would thing that the effect of brushing up against stinging nettle or whatever it was...would be immediate!

Since I'm still a little out of it after work...I'll try to keep this brief.    So enjoy the fireworks!  And

have a great weekend!

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