Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ethan's Famous Love of Barbershop Harmony.

 There are few things Cheryl and I disagree on, ( Ok, perhaps I'm not counting the little things...) but music is one of them.  Oh, sure,  we find "common ground" now and then.  But specifically,  Cheryl is no fan of Barbershop Music.   She  could possibly be lumped into the "I hate it!" category.  But I find the music calming and relaxing.  Music is one of those things that can take you away from your troubled world for a few moments and transport you to a happier time, happier place, or even happier state of being.  I'm understanding though.   I simply despise Country and Rap music.  Everyone has their own taste in music.

So, while looking around the endless YouTube videos, I discovered that I missed out on the 2016 Barbershop finals in August.  ( No matter, I was not going to be able to attend anyway.) I maybe know what you are thinking....Judge me if you must.    I'll take this over any Hank Williams song any day.
First,  Masters of Harmony.

Be sure to check out the build up at 3:11.    Also the finishing chord at 4:26.   What can I say?  It sends shivers...
 The conductor was the lead conductor of the Westminster Chorus during the 2009 chorus of the world win.  Just a bit of trivia...although I'm unfamiliar with how promotions are run in the World of Harmony Choruses.

Next:   A new group to me.  The Voices of Gotham.   This song caught me by surprise.   Who does not love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Check out 2: 36 into this one to hear the refrain chords. Then later at 3:43.   At first I thought they rushed  through some parts a bit, but later,  after listening to it over and over again...I now deem it intentional and suitable.

So, if you enjoy a good harmony with only male voices and no instruments,  give these two vids a listen.  And hopefully,  they will brighten your day a tad.   Enjoy!

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