Monday, August 1, 2016

Beginning August with Music.

With a free Monday at my fingertips, I finally have some time to listen to music without bothering anyone here in the apartments.   That is correct:   No Pearson Project;  No college board;   No Subaru Brake job.   Just me, the cat, and my endless music mix of my "radical" taste is melodies.

What kind of music could I possibly listen to that drives my wife and neighbors crazy?   Well...stuff like this:

Music is a strange thing.   I know there are many people who believe that their music mixes are the best.   And they probably are...  for that individual.   But everyone is unique and different.   You can tell a lot about people by their music.   That is why I don't like playing my music to to many people. Even on this blog,  you can choose to listen or not.

So.   After a restful morning,   I may make some coffee and dust off the sewing machine to see how things have fared over the summer break.   Summer is almost over after all.  The temps have cooled a bit and people are already asking for Stockings.   Cheryl is formulating a game plan for this Holiday season and how to make it better/easier than last year.   We shall see.   In the mean time... hopefully you will enjoy the music.

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