Monday, September 26, 2016

IKEA, Cool Weather, Kite Flying and Bulldozers. The Calm Before The Storm!

The New IKEA shelves
We started the weekend with a trip to IKEA.   A couple of reasons being that Chicago Marathon is coming up in less than two weeks from now.
Cheryl is in charge of "Books and Accessories"

 Also,   Cheryl has been dying to spend money and replace our existing furniture!   I'm not sure why; must be a female thing.  This may be one of those great chasms that separate the men from the women.  The "old" IKEA stuff was still good,  but the color was "off".  So,  after we painted the walls a bright white,  Cheryl thinks the shelves in the living room need to be white as well. I guess it looks OK for me not to protest too much.   (Aside from my snarky comments in this blog. that is.)
Cooler Weather = Long sleeves!

Running down the Coralville path.
The weather is FINALLY cool enough to enjoy the outside without wearing nearly naked clothing.  On the run in Iowa city,  Cheryl was able to wear her long sleeve shirt the entire run.

Cheryl chases the Geese
Note the Police car stopping the let the geese cross

Aster in the morning sunlight
While running,  Cheryl chased geese while I took photos of the purple Aster and colorful caterpillars.
A close up!   VERY bright Purple.

The picture does not do the wild Aster justice.   The purple is BRIGHT!   But the bright light of the sun tends to wash it out in the camera.   I possibly could have adjusted the light filter, had I remembered at the time.   Ah well, it is just for the blog and not for a National Geographic award.  My standards are just fine.
Why so many pics of the Aster? 
Is it because I love purple so much?

Additionally,  I captured a couple pics of a Caterpillar that I have never seen before.   Close up, it looks like a colorful dessert cactus!

Actually, it is the last flower left!
Colorful Caterpillar!

After the run,   we grabbed some grub and headed tot he soccer field for some kite flying!    This is the first time I have been able to seriously spend a little time flying one.  I have a small, store-bought one I picked up at Springtown Grocery ( Amish Grocery store).   It flew pretty well after a few adjustments.    The wind was perfect for flying.   Lately, the air has been heavy and stagnant with humidity.   Maybe the cooler weather will also bring more breezy days.
Note how he looks like a cactus up close!
Great day for Kite Flying!
And finally,   the "city" of Wellman has decided that the sewer system that has been in place for the last 100 years needs to be adjusted...  right through our yard!   It is more like an add-on instead of an adjustment.   I guess the city has expanded a bit over the last 70 years and there are areas that have no sewer system hooked in.  Unfortunately, it comes right down the same path the driveway took a few years ago.   We have been told that we have nothing to worry about and that it will only inconvenience us a day or two.   If the past is an indicator,  that will translate into a week or two of not being able to park in our lot.  Right during Stocking season, as usual!
Small, $3 store kite flies high.

Time to dig up the yards of Wellman.

And tear up some fences!
This week,  right as the pleasant weather arrives,  I have a Pearson project along with an SAT project kicking off; Collegeboard;  Stockings;  And the Chicago Marathon!   Add in a possibility that our driveway will be torn up and I wonder what other stress we can add to our lives. And I was just beginning to enjoy the life of a Sloth.  Ah well,   we all need money,  right?

Hope everyone else is having a pleasant fall day today.   And thanks for stopping in and reading this rather lengthy post.   Basically I have several days of pictures to publish at any time and not enough time to write.   And possibly even less in the future.  We shall see.

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