Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunshine, Spiderwebs, and Sewer Excavation.

They are about this big
The cooler weather has triggered a massive migration...  of spiders into our apartment!   Oh, sure,  we close the door and hang signs warning spiders to keep out,   But the windows in this place are rather old and drafty.   Ok,  There are GAPING HOLES in the sills.
They like to jump on Cheryl in the shower!
  We are the only apartment that does not have new(er) windows.  They are made of wood and shriveled glue.   So,  basically, spiders and any other insect that wants to, can some into our apartment with little effort.   It kind of scares Cheryl a bit....  ever since that whole "Spider on my naked body" thing last year.  Oh, wait.  Allow me to rephrase it properly:  "SPIDER ON MY NAKED BODY!!!!"   Followed by ear-splitting screams and general hysteria.

He hangs out under the Baseboard radiator.
As for me,   I'm not very fond of spiders either.  However, I appreciate them and try not to kill them.  
 I hear if you kill one, it causes it to rain.  Is that even true?   Who made up such a thing?   Anyway, I don't want to risk another apartment flood because I get a little upset about a spider.  
All that lead up to show off this picture. 

But other than that, I do like them when they have pretty webs that catch the sunlight.   I managed to snap this pic while the sun was setting yesterday and I liked the way the light made it glow.  Too bad the web was already in dis-repair compared to a couple of days ago.  

Sewer construction in Gear
Time to dig up some Iowa Lawns!
Besides the bug problems,  the apartment is going through the sewer hook up scene that started a few days ago and is now in full swing.   The heavy equipment has been parked in our yard  for a while now and I think they are digging...somewhere close by.   We can't really see where from our vantage point.  But we can definitely see that they are tearing up the lawns of everyone involved.  I just hope it does not inconvenience us as much as it did when they put the driveway in. 
Just stay away from Subie!
I begin scoring a Pearson Project tomorrow.   I have already qualified ( last Wednesday) and now hopefully will be able to supplement our income  for the remainder of the month.  I guess Monday we will also be doing a short College board Project.   It may be just a clean up thing.  It is only supposed to last a week or less.  And all of this happens right before we head to Chicago for the Marathon.   Lovely.  

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.   After this next week,  I'm hoping we can lose the stress a bit and just focus on scoring and the occasional stocking.  Thenks for stopping in!

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