Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Names, Driveways, and Even MORE sales!

Are we feeling the Christmas rush yet? I guess so. We have had to put several 8 hour days in the shop just to keep up, but we are keeping up. I'm very happy! Take a look at all of the names I got to put on! So far so good with the cards, tags, snowflake buttons, and stocking names. It took me almost an hour just to put on these 25 names! We are getting low on cards so I might have to make a few more. Anyway, Things are looking UP! The Driveway is being paved today and it will force us to walk all the way around from the road for the next 10 -20 days! BUMMER! Because there are no lights between the road and the apartment so it gets VERY dark. I will be happy when it is over. I never really had a problem with the road/driveway to begin with. But the Neighbor closest to the road seemed to think that the dirt driveway interfered with his beautiful yard. Well, We are back at the Mall and Cheryl is smiling at the sales. Here's to another great week of MONEY! Money makes life happy! Hope everyone is having a great Mittwock.

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concrete driveways melbourne said...

Nice. I hope they will make it a concrete driveway.^_^


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