Saturday, October 22, 2016

Team Allenbrite's IKEA Trip, With Attached Half-Marathon.

Early Morning

Cold, but Cheryl is ready!
After an early start this morning,  Cheryl and I headed to IKEA and decided we would run in this Half-Marathon in Naperville while were were in the area.  It may sound odd that we put IKEA ahead of the Half-Marathon...but it is true!   Cheryl wants to try to get in as many fall races in as she can before the snow flies.
Cheryl picks up her packet.
She was too late to get a shirt this time.

For being a "small" marathon/ half-marathon,   Naperville brags over 8000 runners for tomorrow.   We shall see about that.   The EXPO was not as HUGE as one might expect a race of this size to be.  Grandma's Marathon in Duluth MN was only 6500 people and still had a larger EXPO. Not that it matters much...   we were not there to purchase anything.   So Cheryl checked in; received her bib number and packet;  and we headed over to IKEA.
The Map of the race.   Looks like fun.

I'm impressed we were able to buy as much stuff as we did.   It is currently in the car and we still have a little room for our luggage!  We ate some food and planned for our next visit...since most of our planned purchases would not all fit in the Subie in one trip.

Sponsered by SUBARU

IKEA in the distance.
IKEA in range!
After IKEA,   Cheryl urged me to cross the road and pick up some Honey Brown while we were here.   Isn't she AWESOME!   I'm currently kicking back and enjoying one now at room temperature.   ( I didn't want to wait for it to cool down in the mini-fridge.
My "Ethan Time" with Honey Brown.

Tomorrow's race is bright and early at 7 AM.   Looks like it is supposed to start off cold and rise up to 70 degrees...sometime during the day.  Probably AFTER the race.   So Cheryl may have a challenge picking out the right clothing to race in.  

As for me,  I see a few areas I may be able to catch her picture...  but if the numbers of runners are true...  I may have as tough a time trying to find her as I did during the Chicago Marathon.   We shall see.

In the mean time..the trip has already been successful, since we already visited IKEA and managed to fit everything in the car without breaking any windows.  So..   in reality,   the Half Marathon is simply Icing on the cake.   Wish us luck!

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L. D. said...

I really like Duluth. We use to visit there every summer, and then life got busy.


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