Friday, October 28, 2016

Water Main Woes in Wellman

First it was the sewer.  Then it was the electricity and internet.   Now it is the Water!  What's left?   The Natural Gas Main?   Seems we will be getting new utilities no matter how you slice...or in this case:  DIG it!  You dig*?

 (*That's '70's lingo for " Do you understand")

So I should explain.   The crew that has been working on our sewer for the last three weeks has done it again!   This time,  while digging the trench for the sewer to our neighbor's house...  they cracked into our water pipe.  Thus we have been without water for the better part of the afternoon.  Luckily,  we don't drink the stuff and our showers can wait for a little while.

The guys noted that the pipes were almost completely filled with "Iron Sediment"  and a new pipeline was long overdue.  When they finally fixed it ( a few moments ago) the water ran this wonderful brown color for several minutes.  Reaffirming  our choice to never drink it!

The poor crew working out there do not strike me as "incompetent".  Actually, they strike me as fairly competent.   Every time they break something...they know just who to call to get it fixed right away!  I guess practice and experience make perfect....even when things go invariably wrong.  Planning to fail seems to trump failing to plan.  Or so every insurance agency would have us believe.

Speaking of screw-ups:   Check out my new embroidery mistake!   I blame my meaty paws with the pushing of the "X" button on the touch screen instead of the "Y". (They are right next to each other on the touch screen, after all.)  It is the first time I have ever done anything like that... even though I have caught myself  with typo's before.  Heck, this blog is a prime example.

Other than those little things,  it has warmed up to a pleasant day outside currently.  So warm, in fact, that the last few remaining butterflies have been stopping in to sample our flowers.   Those Marigolds are wonderful Fall flowers as they seem to continue to bloom despite all of the chilly nights and mornings.  I wonder how late into the Fall they will last.    We shall see.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday.   The weekend is right around the corner....good news for those folks with jobs.  Enjoy the next couple Autumn days while you can.  It's the best time of year!

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