Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of Ethan and Cheryl's Secrets To a Successful Marriage!

There are actually many things that form a successful bond in the Human realm,  but this is just one of those that Cheryl and I  talk about but I have yet to share.  So...take it for what it is worth...

A few days ago,  both Cheryl and I commented aloud that we "make up for each other's deficiencies."  Instead of complementing each other,   we fill each others gaps in life.   And thus,  we look like a perfect match!   Peanut butter and jelly! Hot fudge and Ice cream,   Wine and Cheese... But that is not really true.

Actually, we are probably more like two flavors that taste AWFUL on their own.   But together..  they seem to take the edge off.   This may sound allow me to explain.

Cheryl pointed out that she is kind of cold and stand off-ish.   Whereas, I'm like a big, slobbery dog that jumps onto people with muddy paws and buckets of drool!   To people who are afraid of dogs,  I can be a little scary.   But add in a lovely item,  say: a cute little cat or a bow,  and the scary dog seems more lovable.

On the same level,  Cheryl might seem small, helpless and vulnerable while she runs around the park.  But add in a HUGE SLOBBERY DOG next to her... and any  would-be thugs write her off from being a  potential target. See!  We both benefit in our own way!

Now,  you may be thinking that comparing myself to a dog is not very flattering.   However, I have a great affinity for dogs.   Loyal, faithful, protective, affectionate, and loving are all qualities I think of when a dog comes to mind.  At the same time,  thinking of Cheryl as helpless is not really true either.  Cats are usually quite capable at taking care of themselves.

So what is the point of this?  I guess to put down on the record one of the many ways Cheryl and I fit together.   Not that it makes any sense to anyone who reads this.  ( if anyone ever reads this!)  It's more complex than this, thankfully.  The thought that I could be replaced by a large dog is rather unsettling.   Then again,  dogs are not allowed in this apartment.  Even though they may be cleaner than I am at times.


L. D. said...

I like it. Good descriptions of you two. My wife is a quiet soul who stands in my shadow and loves to be there. I do sometimes wish that she would lead and that can happen at certain times. When we were first married we had trouble because we both had been strong givers to our other family members. We finally figured out I wasn't demanding things from her and I can hover only so much to take care of her so much that she says to back off. I am the pushy one and she is the less likely to be heard from unless asked. It all works when we know who we each are and respect each persons pluses. Your dog and cat photos are great.

thu huong said...

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