Friday, October 7, 2016

T'was the Friday Before Chicago...Marathon.

And Ethan and Cheryl were trying their best to catch everything up and relax for a few hours before the big trip.  The End!

Just kidding.

Looks like Tomorrow will be the travel day with the Expo to wrap things up.  And then...Sunday is Race day.

I wanted to post a quick update on things before I'm stuck in a hotel room trying to recap the EXPO and trip.  This week has been a bit of a chaotic mess that has somehow managed to work out.   Allow me to explain...

We started the week with a gig for Collegeboard and I began scoring a Pearson project in the evening.   We finished the Collegeboard job earlier than expected ( mostly because we read like madmen in order to finish ahead of schedule.)  and I'm continuing the Pearson project as I'm writing this.   Throw in the number of miscellaneous stocking orders and you can probably wee how there are not enough hours in the day to squeeze in a blog posting.

Ah well,   I'll have more time after Chicago.   And I'll have the actual Chicago Marathon event to blog about!   How fun is that?

In the mean time.  I should point out that the "city" of Wellman has provided us with a new manhole cover!   I'm not sure if it is hooked up yet, or when they plan on finishing it.   No one was here today to work on it, so perhaps it is one of those "Wellman Holidays" that only the city workers know about.

I changed the oil in Subie,  replaced and programmed the new Key Fob, and had a bit ot time to help Hiro with his latest Catch.  ( I'm not sure where he keeps finding these things)  You would thingk that we would eventually run out of Chipmunks after a while, but I watched one run across the porch this morning!  I guess there are more than first thought.
Chicago Traffic Battle!

That is all for now.  Hopefully I will have enough energy to post something tomorrow night.   I will remain apprehensive;  given that I will have to fight Chicago traffic and find parking, check into a crowded hotel and navigate the EXPO.  We shall see.   In the mean time.   Wish us luck!

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L. D. said...

We just drove by your area last weekend as we went to Arlington Heights north of Chicago. Grandsons live there with their parents. I was impressed that the people were told to get to the left on you interstate so the game people will have room to exit the highway. It takes us about two hours to get to Iowa City and another hour to the border.


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