Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!

Is it really a celebration?
Today,  I am officially one year older than I was last year.  And to Celebrate the momentous achievement of staying alive another year,  I decided to dedicate this blog post to ME...and just me.

Hmm,   After about 2 seconds of searching,  I see that there are very few pictures of me.    And upon a little self reflection,  I realize that my life is rather boring.  Who would have guessed?

Is this really very exciting?

Origami bugs, frogs and lizards? 
Cheryl thinks this has a future.

With my awesome abs being hidden by a three inch layer of blubber,  and with a bank account that stresses "part-timer",  the only thing I could possibly post on this day would probably be my Origami.   Which is kind of sad.   Who,  other than an origami artist,  would ever brag that they do Origami?  (And not even the best stuff out there.)

Looks more scrunched than folded.
Making tomorrow's paper today.
So I have been focusing on paper-making as of late, and working on slightly more complex models.   Mostly, my models end up looking more like wrinkled tissue paper rather than elegant folded sculptures.  But it keeps me out of trouble....most of the time.

Embroidery skill at work.
Cheryl has big plans.....for me.
In-between folding stuff,  I have been helping Cheryl with her projects.   I fire up the embroidery machine, cut out her linings and felt tops,  and sometimes sew on her button eyes.  It fills in the gaps between reclining on the couch and playing my video games.

Pumpkin Beer!    'Tis the Season.  
So as I inch ever so closer to the grave,  I try to think back on my accomplishments and the wisdom I have learned (and not learned...) and try to celebrate the best way I can with the limited funds at my disposal.  I could have contributed to my lower middle-class middle and bought a huge birthday cake with a side of ice cream.
With Mandarin Oranges... from a can.

Sockeye Salmon Sushi roll
 But instead,  I wanted to save money and celebrate the "end of Summer" and the "beginning of Fall" at the same time....  with some Pumpkin Beer!  What could possibly be better?  (Other than a trunk full of cash...)  And maybe some of Cheryl's Sockeye Salmon Sushi!

'cause poor people have to make it themselves.
Slightly off topic ( I knew this would happen!)  There was a Lunar Eclipse yesterday.....afternoon.
We missed it here in North America.
   If you missed it, it was most likely because you live on this side of the planet and the bright sun was in our eyes.  (North/South America)  Only the people of Europe, Africa, and Asia got to enjoy it.   BUT!   We shall have the last laugh in another 2 weeks.    For a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will happen on the 21st!    And I want the T-shirt...
My New Life Goal

With this!  I will see the Eclipse...
The path of the shadow will happen just south of Iowa.   With a little luck and a lot of determination,  I'm hoping to recover enough loose change from the couch to be able to afford the trip.   Cheryl has her Tokyo Marathon fund ( money found in various parking lots) ....  I'm starting the "Ethan Allen's Total Eclipse Fund!"   Which sounds kind of odd....   but eh!  ( shrug)  It's money!

So that is all from Wellman, Iowa on this lovely August 8th day in 2017.  And, as usual, I appear as a footnote in my own postings.  It sometimes feels as if I'm living a dream....  Not in the sense that my life is so charmed and awesome...  but rather as if I'm in a constant dream state in the clouds of "make believe".   It reminds me of a song...

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