Saturday, August 12, 2017

Muscatine HUGE National Farmer's Market...Day.

Cheryl has been working very hard all week trying to up her sales at the Muscatine Farmer's market.   We were told that this Saturday,  the market was going to have "record vendors" and a HUGE crowd...  so we better get there early and prepare for an "abundance of sales!"

 We, of course, saw right through this little sales pitch and recognized that this was most likely to keep the farmers there instead of going to the Iowa State Fair this weekend.   Nevertheless,  We prepared for the "bumper crop of sales" that we knew was most likely all hype.

That all being said,  Cheryl did fair.   Almost a repeat of last weeks sales. (in fact,  slightly better.) The crowds were NOT huge, but steady and the "Record" for vendors must have been very low...because there were only about three additional vendors there.  Still,  there were familiar, friendly faces that are worth coming back for.   And it is always fun to show off your new items on the new table.
Farmer's Market Air-force manufacture

On patrol..  

It started cold but as soon as the sun came out, the heat increased.   I was happy to shed the jacket around 9:00 A.M.  But for the remainder of the show, I pretty much passed the time folding my small fleet of F15 Fighter Jets.

Cheryl is my Wing man....
There really is possibly nothing as peculiar as a grown man playing with paper airplanes at a farmer's market.
Protecting the skies  from dragonflies!
 But,  it helped the time fly by for me.   Cheryl informed me that we were in the final hour and I felt like we had just started!   Origami is great ( and terrible!) that way.

In addition to Airplanes,  Try figuring out what other models I folded....   Here are some hints.
It's a bird!

It's a Plane!
It's a butterfly?
It's a dragon fly?  
It's a Flower....

model reveled

Still a flower....
So now, we are back home and totally exhausted.   The show was not a show stopper... both good or bad..  so we will most likely continue to show up for a few more weeks.   Cheryl is excited to try out the show in Coralville on Monday.   We shall see how the city folks like her stuff.  

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