Saturday, July 17, 2010

Achieving the Impossible!

"The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes us a little longer. " I'm not sure who said it first, ( someone in the SeaBees) But I believe Cheryl and I have truly lived this Phrase over the last several months. Well we can now call Iowa our home of Residence! We found a cute apartment in Wellman, Iowa and will move there probably tomorrow. It has been a stressful Journey, but we did it! If you are wondering why I'm so excited about moving to Iowa, let me bring you up to speed. Since the beginning of the year, Cheryl and I have been looking for Jobs in Michigan since our "business" had hit the fan and stopped producing any cash flow. With most of our resources gone, we landed a part time gig in Lansing Michigan ( 2.5 hours away from Grand Haven) when that project ended, we heard that there were more projects for the same company in other states. With not enough money to move, Cheryl and I traveled to Iowa to Check out the Rumor and were hired on the spot in Iowa City. The catch was that it was not going to start until July! We had to survive on vanishing funds until then and questioned whether we would even have enough money to make it there when July arrived! The solution! Sell EVERYTHING, and MOVE THERE! And that is what we did! The only items we have left from our former lives is our cats, a few dishes and some photos. Only what we could fit in the two cars! We have no furniture, no bed, no linens, and no cookware. We sold it all to raise the money needed to make the move. ( about $1200) IT has been very stressful for the past few days, but I feel like we have passed a major milestone. I'm not sure when I will be able to post again because we still do not have any computer or Internet access of our own and we are planning on leaving the hotel tomorrow. But I'm sure if there is a way, it will reveal itself in time. I'd like to thank the Howard Johnson and the Travel lodge for helping us out with the cats, lodging and week long check in. Also all the people at Pearson have been very friendly and encouraging. And to all the people in Grand Haven and Spring Lake that purchased our stuff and gave us the cash to make the move. Thanks to All!


L. D. Burgus said...

I am really glad that it all worked out for you. Even though you sold everything you still have all that talent both of you the is still there. I am glad you both got jobs. I am sure they were glad to hire you. Best wishes to you both.

Dave Brock said...

Glad that things might be settling down for y'all again and I'm sure that things will work out. I do miss the carving pictures but I also appreciate you sharing a real life adventure. Cheryl and yourself are true survivors!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Thanks guys! Don't worry, it might take a while before i get back to carving, but it is not out of the blood just yet. And luckily, there are lots of trees around here to test out.


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