Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All is Well In Wellman!

I have been wanting to say that ever since we moved here. This is one of those towns that has it's sleepy charm. You really have to get out of your car and walk around to appreciate the charm of this place. There are really nice parks, beautiful homes and a charming downtown that is on its way back from the dead apparently. We visited the hardware store that is itself new to the area. It has only been in business for a few months! The manager told us that it is rebuilding the town to its once former glory. So who knows where we will end up after the dust settles. Perhaps this place will draw us in for a longer duration than we had first planned. I Still can't get my pics to go on the computer here, but in the mean time, I will show a few of the sites I borrowed off the net. Other than that, things are looking good here, Cheryl found a dress for her sisters wedding in august, Pearson has another project starting August 4, and the cats are enjoying the apartment, even thought they still beg to be let outside so they can chase the many squirrels and rabbits.

1 comment:

L. D. Burgus said...

I do hope things keep going well with you. It has to be somewhat of a shock to move to a different state and apparently a small town.


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