Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Butterflies with the Cats

So yesterday we spent a little time outside enjoying the cooler weather. We took the cats outside so they could run around when I noticed several butterflies hanging out. Normally I would not bother trying to capture them with the camera, but this blog has been a little boring without my own pics to add daily. So I ran in, grabbed the camera, and shot a few pics to add. The butterflies are not that special. In fact, they are rather common around here ( not in Michigan as much). The Buckeye and Hairstreak were looking a little worn, however, the Dusky wing Skipper looked pretty awesome! It's unfortunate that since I stopped carving, the blog has been neglected. There just isn't much to blog about without daily progress pics to report and show off. Ah well, Thanks for hanging with me and with a little luck, another great project or adventure will begin again.

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