Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cupcakes and Damaged Ceilings.

My poor blog! I have been neglecting it for the past several days! However, there is a "somewhat" good reason. There simply has been little or nothing to blog about! Cheryl and I have been living our somewhat 'boring' lives trying to not rock the boat until our next project come back online. So basically, nothing exciting or "blog-worthy" has been happening for the last week or so. That is, however, until last night. It started out pretty cool: Cheryl made some cupcakes with a small silicone muffin tin. Pretty cool since you don't need any cupcake wrappers and can just pop them out naked...Ready to eat! The challenge was to make them 6 at a time because the "tin" can only make 6 and we only have one. Everything was going well, until Cheryl heard a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. It turns out that the minor discoloration above the shower was the upstairs neighbors bathroom drain leaking! Well last night was the sudden catastrophic failure of the coupling fixture and about 40 gallons of bathwater flooded down into our bathroom. The Play on words "Falling Apartments" comes to mind. The building is about 40-50 years old! Well, long story short, the landlord is over there right now repairing the damage as we sit in Panera sipping coffee and trying to stay out of the way. Hopefully it will be repaired in full ( including the gaping hole in the ceiling!) by the time we get done, but I'm sure that may be more than we could hope for. It's most likely that the pipes will be fixed and not the plasterboard. So ...at least I have something to write about! Hooray! I'll try to keep a little more diligent in my writing frequency. Hopefully I'll have good things to say instead of small tragedies.

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L. D. Burgus said...

Oh wow do those cupcakes look great. I love chocolate frosting. Water leaks are the pits. I am glad you didn't have to mess with it.


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