Sunday, September 5, 2010

Star Trek Mania in Iowa

Cheryl and I passed through the supposed birthplace of Captain Kirk. (perhaps the most famous captain in Star Trek) The history behind it is that in his bio, he is born in some small town in Iowa. I guess the mayor or someone important in Riverside, Iowa had a brain storm to make it their town. After a few requests from the Star Trek Creator, the deal was truck making it official : that Captain James T. Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa. Well you can imagine what this has done for tourism in a small sleepy town! The folks seem to have taken it to the next level as well, building large scale models of the ships and shuttles to be displayed for all to see. The museum was closed when we got there, but there were a number of events planed for the next few months. Too bad I'm not much of a Trekky. I'm knowledgeable on the basics, but no where near the fanatics that go to those trekfests. Well anyway, a little more info on the surrounding areas of Iowa. Enjoy!

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