Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Origami Parade!

So last weekend I worked on a few new and some old designs. I thought I would just post them as a record, because they are all gone now. You see, I bring them to work and they mysteriously disappear! I'm actually flattered that my coworkers find them cool enough to take home. Anyway, I created another horse, a turkey, another mantis, another scorpion, a dolphin, a T Rex, and a triceratops. The triceratops is not pictured because I was not that particularly fond of it, I may attempt it again later, but it took a couple of days to work on and It always bugged me. Cheryl liked it thought, and so did whoever took it home from work, so perhaps I'm my own worst critic. So enjoy the pics. Oh! By the way, several of these designs can be found in the same origami book that the peacock was.
Jun Maekawa's book "Genuine Origami"

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