Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Successful Origami Peacock!

Yes! Finally a paper that can handle the pre-creasing and multiple reverse crease folding that is required to fold this Peacock! This design is from Jun Maekawa's book "Genuine Origami" And I have attempted this design several times before with limited success. The problem before was either the size of the paper ( too small) or the paper itself. It was always too brittle or crinkly to keep the shape. I usually managed to muscle through it, but it was never a shape I was proud of. Even now, My skills are challenged at keeping the creases where they are meant to be. The design itself has a challenging element right off the bat. IT calls for you to fold the paper into thirds! ( mathematically, it should be impossible to get exact since three is a repeating decible...i.e. 1/3 = 3.33333333.....infinity) Anyway, it is possible to get close and I worked very hard to get as close as possible and still had a few hang ups. Other than that....I also worked on an origami Rose. nothing special, but it does have an interesting "willow-wisp" shape to it like a dancing flower. I thought I would show it off. I still have to make a seperate post for my Lion. I'm looking at the pictures andam more impressed with it every time I take another look. But I will give thise sculptures their own post for now.

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