Friday, May 20, 2011

Black Butler, Sacred Blacksmith, and The Attack of the Origami T Rex!

So this week we purchased season one of Black Butler, the anime. Stand back all of you Gothic lovers, because this anime was written for you! It was fun! The scroll work is taken from a Louis XIV Mansion, even though it is set in 19th century London. After the first season, there are still more questions than answers and we are still uncertain about the contract between the master and the butler. The Young Master apparently lost his parents in a fire and now the Butler takes care of him and the household. It's entertaining, and I could at least recommend it to people with a clear conscience. As for the Sacred Blacksmith. I must say that it is a little to "fan service" for me. The story compels me to continue watching, but with 6 more episodes to go, I have to say, the "knight" should really quit her day job and become a barmaid. She is just way to "damsel in distress" for me and after the 5th time of having the blacksmith come and save gets a little predictable. There are several episodes left however, so who knows....I may change my mind as the finally kicks off. As for the Origami, Cheryl had a little fun with the Jurassic park theme and decided to get the cat involved.

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