Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another computer and the standing Origami Crane

As the title mentions, I purchased another computer a few days ago because Cheryl and I could not share one at the same time. And since our online time is llimited by the time we spend at Panera, it ends up with one of us being bored while the other surfs. Its not really a problem when Cheryl surfs...I just do some origami and I'm happy. However, when it comes to my turn to blog and check Email, Cheryl sighs and looks uncomfortably bored! ( uncomfortable for ME!) So fix this problem, I suggested getting another computer...but Of course! IT seems to be having problems with connecting to the Internet. Hopefully we will get it all figured out. All the pictures of the new origami are on that computer as of right now...but I did manage to save this standing crane on Cheryls computer. It turned out pretty good and it stands by itself.

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