Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'll Give it My All...Tomorrow. Life After 40!

So what do you do when you think that what you are currently doing is not really what you should be doing? I'm sure this happens to many people ( other than me) when they hit some magic number as they age. ( usually around 35-45) Well, Cheryl bought a manga about just such a character and it is totally AWESOME! If you find yourself in that age group and are searching for answers to questions that you don't even know you may have...then take a look at "I'll give it my all Tomorrow" A story of a man who quits his safe secure job and decides to become a manga artist ( to the un-initiated, that is similar to a comic book artist/writer). The Catch: he has never drawn a picture, written a story, and he is over the age of 40! IT is hilarious at times, sad at others, but you end up rooting for the guy as he climbs every wall that is put up in front of him. ( Sometimes in the least graceful way!) There are moments where I feel he is writing the story and he has taken a page out of my life! Constant rejection of his work, small time job that can't even pay the bills, and friends and family that constantly tell him he is an idiot for following his dream. Well, the third volume just came out and it was truly inspiring and funny....but not the way you might think. There is also a web comic where they post the latest chapters as they come out.. Find it here....
I've been working on some new origami, Hopefully I'll post some pics tomorrow. Enjoy the manga!

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