Sunday, June 19, 2011

Walking through Barbed Wire In Iowa!

Honestly, what is it with Iowa? Everywhere I look whenever we go out to Iowa City, I see people who look like they have walked through barbed wire! Their jeans are all ripped to shreds and no one seems to notice! It's like they are part of some Marine Training Exercise! I guess it is the cost of being a farmer and having to surround yourself and your farm with sharp fencing. Then again, it might be fashionable here in farmer ville to wear your work clothes whenever you go out. ( Nothing like attending a wedding in your BIBS!....AS THE GROOM!) I guess you could say that Iowa is the hub of fashion lately...because all of Cheryl's fashion magazines are following the trend. Take a look at these stars! Another trend here is the broken legs. While walking around the mall I see people with casts on their legs and I think" must have been caught in a combine!" I'm not sure if that is true, but there sure seem to be more leg injuries here than back in Michigan. I also base this guess on the thought that many farmers have lots of children ( in case one gets run over by a tractor) and they also have lots of dangerous equipment that they have to use to harvest the corn. And I have seen children using this equipment out in the field! So...If you want to wear ripped clothes and legs casts with your outfits, Come to Iowa!

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