Sunday, June 26, 2011

Origami Dinosaurs! Rarrrg!

A request from a coworker has led me to fold a few dinosaurs. If you glance down, I folded a t rex and a tri tops before, but they were snapped up by someone before the person who wanted them could even see them. This time I went with a could different designs. I personally like the way the tri tops and the T rex turned out this time. I think their designs are a little better. I also folded a couple of stegosauruses and a ankylosaurus. ( Not sure about the spelling...the "Turtle Looking" one) I think that one could be messed around with a little to give it a little more shape and character.....we'll see. As for last week, I finished up the Rhino and the Unicorn. The Unicorn was a little simple and a bit disappointing. It had no mane or hoof hair to play with. I did like the way the tail and horn came out though. There was not much paper left over to play with so I could create my own version. But I might give it another go later. ( or look for a better design!) I was very proud of the Rhino. IT had a Good three dimensional look and was a solid design. Some of the collapse folds were tricky, but not that difficult if you have a little experience folding. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And next week.....I'll be exploring Star Wars Origami!


Mary Richmond said...

these are so awesome!

Malea said...

Those. Are. Awe. Some! WOWWWWWW!


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