Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Birds!

Just a quick post on the last couple of birds.   I still have to show off the red and yellow one,  but for now,  since I have not posted anything in a while I thought, “ what the heck!”DSC_6303  DSC_6318

The Job is pushing that special button that gets you down.  call it depression if you must.   But after reading several dozen papers about how you should live your life….words from a teenager!   It begins to get to you….that whole..”What if?”  Question.   What if I had chose  a different path…. What if I stopped eating junk food.  What if I had taken better electives in High School?  Anyway,  it is late…and I’m too tired to think about those questions.   Enjoy the Origami!DSC_6305DSC_6316

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