Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Origami Grackle!

It’s late!  But I wanted to put up a quick post before the cat jumps on my lap and ruins everything. DSC_6255  DSC_6247I have been folding Grackles for the past few days and finally mounted them on some branches.  Not as easy as I would have liked,  but it worked out.  I think I have to take better pics of the black one,  but maybe tomorrow.  For now,  we have been required to turn our sleep clock back a few hours as we are once again on a project of ACT.  It’s fun!   We qualified yesterday and that is always a little nerve-wracking…and a relief when we pass it.  I have been a little tired after work so not much folding gets done, but I can still “nit pick” little things.  Anyway,  enjoy the pics!   I’m quite fond how they turned out and will have to fold up some more birds in different colors later!.

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