Monday, June 3, 2013

Origami Rabbits, ACT, Unemployment. YEAH!

Ok,  Perhaps the unemployment is a little harsh.   In truth, the project is coming to a close and for the next three weeks we will have new found time to chase other “hobbies” .   But it was a fun three weeks at ACT.  We got to catch up with some acquaintances.  We got to get paid.  And we got paid.   It’s a great concept.  You see,  They give you money to come to their place and score papers for 8 hours.  FANTASTIC!   Our method of business seems flawed in comparison.  Ah well,  nothing lasts forever…especially jobs!  As Cheryl and I are both very familiar with. 

Other than that,  I have been feeding the Etsy store with more of my foldings.   Some Origami Bunnies.   Enjoy!

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