Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Retro-Cool Horse! With Red Hair! How cool is That?!

So I struggled to finish this horse today.  Was it because it was difficult to fold?  Nah,  I mean, it was a bit of a challenge.  But the reason I struggled was because it is Cheryl’s birthday tomorrow.  I know you might be thinking,” Why should that effect your  folding?”  Well…. you see,   Cheryl is my wife.  And she is gets a little fidgety when we have free time during the day.  And that fidgety-ness  is compounded exponentially when it comes to her Birthday.DSC_6532



Now how does that uneasy tension happen to influence the folding process?   Well,  when you wet fold cardstock.   You dampen the paper to make it pliable.  If, at any given time,  Your wife decides she wants to “do something” that may require an hour or more,  the paper will dry out and the model will be ruined!DSC_6557




So I had to plan my day anticipating Cheryl’s “Random Acts Of Boredom”.  Luckily, the walk around the block only took about 20 minutes.  And the “I’m Hungry! When are you going to feed me?”  moment happened right at the end when I could take a break from the finishing touches.   So, After all that,  I managed to get it listed in my shop and I now have a little time to post it on the blog. DSC_6553DSC_6554DSC_6568 


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