Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can’t get enough Pegasus!

DSC_7099Ok!  There are some designs out there that are just not suited to wet folded cardstock.  And, unfortunately, the only way I can figure out which ones, is by folding them all!  It’s not all that bad.  I actually like folding, especially when the design/model turns out.  However,  nothing is more demoralizing, than having invested two or three hours into something and literally wrestling with the paper to make it somewhat look like what the original design picture.  DSC_7100DSC_7101DSC_7103

DSC_7104With that in mind, I present several versions of the same sculpture.  The origami Pegasus.  I must say, I was impressed with the Montroll version.   Even with thick cardstock, I was able to get it to turn out pretty good.   However,  I think I like my version the best.  It’s true, I break the origami rules a bit, but who cares?  As long as the paper and model achieve “zen” together,  the rest of the world can just back off.    I have always been fond of “forbidden love” anyway. 

So here are the versions so far.  I have not bothered to list he versions I ‘m not proud of.  I mean, Who would, right? Now I have to figure out what to fold next.  I still want to fold a brown one, just to break the rules even further.  I think it has potential! 

Oh!  And we start back up at ACT tomorrow.  A different project, but one we have done before.  I’m hoping it will be as easy as before…and longer than the 10th grade!  We shall see…In the mean time,  enjoy my latest Golden Mane Pegasus.

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