Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cicada Emerges, And Mediacom Ticks Me Off!

This weekend has been full of fun little episodes that wear down your endurance with humanity!  I’m speaking of Mediacom And their TERRIBLE customer service. Bad-Service

First:  The situation.  Friday morning, a Mediacom truck pulls down our driveway not once, but twice!  No Biggy, we are paid in full and have no issues.  They leave, we have no service.   we spend THE NEXT FIVE DAYS trying to get the problem fixed.   We travel to Iowa city to get a new router.  Not the problem.  disconnected

The Problem!  Mediacom RANDOMLY switches people off!  ON PURPOSE!  WHY?   Even they do not know apparently!  I guess there are it squads that roam the country side looking fro pirated cable and they disconnect them.  Unfortunately, they MOSTLY get it wrong according to the technician.  bad-customer-service1Despite the cable box has not one, not two, but THREE security measures to prevent the random Joe from Hooking up some coat hanger with aluminum foil to syphon off free adult movie channels;  They still have the “cable police” out there messing up paying customer's service.

thCAYBQC32And then there is the “customer service”.  First  I did manage to get one person…in addition to the computer, who was the most helpful.  Grant, I think his name was.  Everyone else was TERRIBLE!   They misspelled my email,  Kept pushing the “EXPENSIVE PREMIUM PACKAGE” and asked me random stuff that had no bearing what so ever on the problem at hand.  Grant was the ONLY one who could see that there was a disconnection in the signal.  Everyone else either did not want or know how to do their job. 

Finally, today,  we got our service back.  It took about 3 minutes and most of that was the guy fixing the misspelled password and other SNAFU’s the customer service rep’s messed up.  I could theorize that this was a vast “BIG CABLE” conspiracy to get me to call and have them try to upsell me from $20 a month internet to $190 a month Internet, cable TV, phone, payperview, movies, streaming news, and Email.   All things I DO NOT NEED or WANT. I mean, they send me numerous leaflets and brochures asking me to give up more money than I can afford.  Why not force me to deal with incompetent customer service reps/ salesmen for five days while they neglect me the “bargain Package” .  I can hear it now

“Sorry to hear your service was randomly disconnected by our service team.   While you are on the phone…how would you like to pay almost 10 times what you are currently paying and get more stuff than you can possibly use or need.”

My answer is” If you guys can’t keep the $20 version up.  How am I going to trust you can keep the $200 versions running?  And how will I be able to call if you shut off the phone randomly?”

Anyway,  It has been a long time wanting to vent to my blog.  But there were moments of Zen.  The weather has been quite nice as of late.   And a Cicada graced us with his metamorphosis just outside our window.  It was fun to watch..even the cat got into it. 


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