Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July! With Origami Pegasus.

First, happy 4th!  It has been three years since we thCAW39HZCmoved here on July 4th 2010.  I would like to think we have made a little progress.  Sometimes it is difficult to tell though.  Anyway,  Cheryl and I got to enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of our home  once again.  One of the FEW perks of living is such a small town. 

Other than that, the day and pretty much the year so far have been rather 8RHHSROZKRDZ0R3Z6RLHQRFZQRLH6ROLMZZH0ZDL6RALIZVLMZALFLNLLZJZLZPLYLDZ7RJZ7R6LYLuneventful.  I guess that is a good thing.  I would rather it stay a cool summer with no “special events” happening.  I mean,  every time an event happens around here, it is usually bad.  ( see the “fire” post previously.)  Althoughbeesting I must admit that with fewer events, comes fewer blog postings. I guess I did get stung by a bee today.  I was minding my own business and he stung my ear!   And to make matters worse,  I “brained” myself on the porch trying to get away from him!  See!  Those are thCAQFLUHJthe types of things that I would probably be posting.   

Which brings me to my next point.  I can and do post my latest origami.  I could post them more often I suppose.  But today I folded up a Black Pegasus.  This one is my own design.  I should take a picture of the “reject” Pegasus’s that I folded up leading to this one.  It is rather entertaining, although a little embarrassing.   Still, It could prove educational for me in the future.  Anyway,  Enjoy the pics and I hope everyone's summer is going swimmingly so far. 

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