Thursday, July 25, 2013

My First Success with an Origami Crease Pattern

6119078274_70088392d7_zThe totally Awesome Origami Water Dragon from Brian Chan.6031349617_db563130ec_z   I first saw this while hunting down a cool Oriental Dragon Pattern and was blown away!  I then was on a mission to try to find how to fold this dragon.DSC_7442   DSC_7441After extensive searcing, I only found the Crease Pattern.




It has been sitting on my computer for a while now, but today, I finally decided to give it a go and try to fold from the CP.


  I simply printed out the CP on a piece of white printer paper.  ( not the best) But I figured I would ‘trial and error” it untill I figured it out.   Surprisinngly, it went rather smoothly.DSC_7444  Although the details are a little crappy,  the initial form is as it should be.  I’m now confident that, with better paper,  I could have better results.  DSC_7446Perhaps even getting results I can put in my shop.   I imagine I will be adding a few things to it to make it my own. DSC_7440 but we shall see when the time comes.   In the mean time…enjoy the pictures.

origami Water Dragon CP

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