Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACT, Freedom, And more Origami

As my weeks of freedom come to a close, I have been trying to fold as much as possible.  That is a tough one to totally explain.

  You see,  there are days when I just fail to fold anything worth while.  It is like the artistic river is suddenly dry.   Then, like today, we hit a flood stage.   It's crazy, but I managed to fold more today than I have over the past several.  It doesn't matter in the over all theme of things.  The best case scenario is when you fold at least a little something everyday. 

That way you are able to budget you time and abilities so there should always be some water left in the well.   That is great in theory, but that has never held true for me much.  I'm a feast or famine kind of guy.  And is that really all that bad?  I mean...the world needs grasshoppers as well as ants right?

At any rate,  I'll be joining the ACT crew once again,  barring any unfortunate missteps by myself.   And ( more specifically) That I qualify this time.  We need the money for felt  I must tell myself.   and it is nice that the project is, once again, an English prompt.   Perhaps this time, my native tongue will be strong enough to pull me through.  We shall see. 

In the mean time,  More origami!    As mentioned before, I have been folding.  noting groundbreaking perhaps, but  at least it is good enough ( mostly) to put in the shop.   I'll see if I can list some butterflies this time.  there is no shortage of butterflies on Etsy, but I may as well join the fray.   We shall see. For now, Enjoy the pictures...and wish me luck on qualifying. 

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