Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Being Not as Dumb as You Thought is a Great Place to Be!

In other words:  Success!   I managed, somehow, to pass another ACT English Test Qualification.  Which only means I'm capable to putting scores on these test and not messing up most of the time. Or, put better,  ACT deems My English skills  worthy enough to score 9th grade English Writing.  YEAH!

Well, it all worked out, somehow.  I managed to be in the group with Cheryl, so now we can come and go together instead of playing chat on the internet during lunch break.  I still have to stay on my toes, as I didn't do so well on the second qualification, but that was ok.  I managed to pass the first qual, and that is what mattered. 

Of coarse, my origami will now have to take a back seat.  Putting 8 hours a day into scoring takes a lot out of your brain.  I barely have energy to think, let along fold something complicated.   And then there will be stockings to think about.....

But in the end, I'm just happy I can go back to work with Cheryl.  I prefer to work at home.   ( i.e. stockings. )  But for now,  this will allow our coffers to fill a bit and be ready for buying felt and shipping stockings.  YEAH!

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