Saturday, September 28, 2013

ACT FINISH! Then Start Up....Again!

Our Project at ACT wrapped up this Friday!  YEAH!  Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a project and a job well done.  Like crossing the finish line after a long, harsh Marathon.  The pride, sense of accomplishment, and even the knowledge that, in some small way, your efforts made a difference in the overall scheme of things.

Then, we do it all over again. 

On Monday, we begin out training and qualification for the next project.  Another project. Another set of standards. Another Qualification set.  Another chance for failure.  Another obstacle to overcome!   All this doom and gloom makes me think it is less like a marathon and more like a rat race!  You know the kind,  one where you are put in an endless loop and forced to run around in circles.  Well,  this might be one of the symptoms of being self employed for all those years.  Being vividly aware of the round robin type of feeling you get with a "job".   ( sigh)

In other news, stockings are kicking up and we would LOVE to get them going in the best way possible.   Ah but the time....  we need money and time to make it all happen.   I'm sure it will all work out eventually.  Like the season finale of Exosquad!  ( anime reference)

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