Sunday, September 15, 2013

Origami Therapy for the ACT Scorer.

Why do I feel so nervous before a new project at ACT?   It is just scoring after all.  How difficult can it really be?  Oh!  Right.  I failed to qualify the last time.   Cheryl urges me that I should not worry about it and just accept that I'm stupid and be grateful that ACT is giving me another opportunity to try out.  Who knows?   I may even guess right this time and pass the thing!  It could happen!

All jokes aside,  failing to qualify did shake me up a bit last time.   I'm a little more nervous about this next project....which is English...AGAIN!   You would think if nothing else, I would sign up for something a little more "me" and get a couple of projects I'm actually "good" at.  Build up my confidence levels a bit before stampeding into another English Scoring Prompt.  But, as mentioned before, I'm a "slow learner".  Not to mention that stockings are kicking up lately and there is this new threat that our Christmas season may be falling behind in readiness. 

With all these things swirling around,  It's no wonder I'm feeling anxious all the time lately.  You know:  Heart palpitations,   jittery leg, eye twitches, hot flashes, cold flashes, Irritability, and my favorite; "Sudden Shadow Startled Syndrome"!  The only cure I have found so far is walking 4 miles around the corn fields...and Alcohol.   ( not much, one glass of wine puts me right to sleep.)

And, as always, Origami.  I have been folding every other day lately.   It seems I just cant dredge up enough creativity to be a full time origami artist.  Meaning:  On odd days, I can't seem to fold anything passable. Sometimes I don't even try!   I just fool around with the cats, clean the house  etc.  However,  there are those days when I'm a folding Machine and everything turns out pretty good.  Ah, If only those days were more....

In the mean time,   as blogging has not been my strong suite lately,  Here are some of the origami Projects I have been up to.  Some beg to be explored more.   So  Enjoy the pics.  and hopefully I will have better news tomorrow.  We shall see...

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L. D. said...

The butterflies are remarkable. I can see you are having fun creating different color combos for each one.


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