Friday, September 20, 2013

Windy Storm In Iowa

It happens often that you simply do not believe the weather man.  You know,  you want listen to the news,  talk to your friends,  Even download an app that helps you keep up to date on the weather.   But that love affair with the weather predictions are a one way street.   So much so, that here in Iowa, the weather is usually ...WRONG!   They say cooler temps, and then it hits upper 90's!   They say rain, and you get nothing!  I know that the winds on the plain states blows from all directions, but, like the boy who cries wolf, sooner or later you are going to take everything with a grain of salt. 
So it was when Cheryl and I went out for a walk yesterday.   They predicted rain all day, and yet...sunny skies from morning to afternoon.  They said cooler temps, and was hot!   They have been wrong all day,  why should that effect our normal routine of going for a walk in the country after work.    I'll admit  I noticed the darker clouds coming up.   But the sun was still bright and shining.   We should easily get in our walk before those clouds become a problem.
As with everything in life.  Predictability is never a sure thing.  For once, the weather man was...almost right.   We get one third of the way  on our walk and decide that those clouds might become a problem if we didn't turn back then.  We walk...briskly, even though it is still hot.  Then Cheryl turns around.
The clouds that looked fairly distant are suddenly upon us.   The wind picks up and starts to gust.   Cheryl, who never runs,  suddenly urges us to hurry to the edge of town.  wind begins kicking up loose corn stalks that fly across the road.   and we are being pushed from behind.  What fun!  If not a little scary.  
I was more concerned about the rain.  It never really rained much.   Only after we got home and safe did the storm blow over and the rain finally trickle.  they promised thunderstorms, but that never really happened.  All in all, we survived..and Cheryl ran....For the first time in I can't remember.  It was fun in a way, but I'm not too eager to repeat that again.  If

only the Iowa weather were a little more trustworthy. 

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L. D. said...

It has been so fickle that last two years. We have been rained around so many times that hearing rain on the roof sounds unbelievable. We really didn't get that storm the towns south of us sure did.


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