Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Claymore Chapter 144 is out! And November Stockings are Picking UP!

Claymore-Deneve-Helen-Clare-and-Miria-claymore-anime-and-manga-28671134-1024-768It is sad that Claymore the manga is coming to an end  I seriously love this manga!  The latest chapter can be found here

I won’t bother with any  There are plenty of forums dedicated to that.  I will say that when the epic battle ends, and the serious curtain draws to a close, I will be there.  Applauding feverously with a tear in my eye and a voice yelling “Bravo!”  Much like Gantz, it is rare for a manga to capture me in such a way.  I guess I could find another on going series, but non of the ones I’m currently following have pulled me in like Claymore.  108288main_contact

Ok,  In other news:  I picked up my contacts today a d am currently wearing them.  Oh!  Perhaps I did not blog about this in the past, but it has been almost 3 months since I lost my contacts and have been forced to wear my glasses all that time.  Not that I mind too much looking like a nerd.  But I do believe the contacts give me better sight, a better look, and I’m able to wear sunglasses.  Something very important here in Iowa. common-cold Other than that,  Well,  Cheryl ordered felt today, and we are both battling one of those Autumn colds.   Probably from all those walks in the freezing rain!  I got it first, now Cheryl is bearing the brunt of it.  Hopefully it is just a mild thing that will go away soon enough with a little sleep and hot chocolate.

And then there are the stockings. DSC_1997 We are doing better this year than last.  Hurray for political elections soiling up the economic landscape.  ( inside joke for me)   I think this could be a big year for stockings, and we might have a tough time trying to keep up.  but isn't it that way every year?   ( Except last year….)  il_340x270_364502001_tuggIt seems there are more names piling up every day.  I’m glad I have the name thing down to a science now.  We shall see how things turn out in the end.  Fingers crossed on the season. 

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