Friday, November 29, 2013

Folding Magazine Bunnies

07d2_121971 Life magazine to be exact!  I received a request from someone who wanted to have something that reminded him of better times.  I think anyway.  I don’t remember much about 1971.  I guess I do remember that the ‘70’s were a drag ( John Lennon) and I was just a kid at the time, 1970sso I was in the “Prison of Childhood”  I guess there was this war,  hippies, drugs, crime, and celebrities getting into trouble.  Pretty much what is going on now, just with different clothes.

Anyway,   I folded up a few rabbits out of the pages.   Much more difficult than I had first imagined. But, he liked it and purchased them.  Enjoy the Pics!

In other news:  Cheryl and I are busy making stockings as always.  The sales are down from last year, which is deceiving, because October was better than last year.  It probably will all even out in the end.

Date Night, Thanksgiving,  Blogging  and most of our weekends have taken a back seat to the stockings….even though we are not selling as many as we want.   We ended up sewing most of  Thanksgiving and ended up eating fried fish with onion rings.  It was good, but took too long to get there.  The fun was supposed to begin at noon, but we did not even leave the shop until 2:45 PM!  I forgot to even take pics of the food this year.  kh_friedfishBut then again, we just at around the fryer and ate the fish as it was pulled out of the oil.  Yumm!   Hot and fresh is the only way to eat fried fish.  At least it was less of a hassle compared to the pheasant of the previous year. 

So that s it  I’ll have to post more often but as the season wears on, it could become more of a challenge.  We shall see

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L. D. said...

Your are moving into one of your busiest seasons. I bet the foldings from the magazines were neat. The fried fish looks really good too.


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