Saturday, November 16, 2013

Date Night Three at Kapok

These are becoming fun!  We worked as much as we had to this morning  to be free for Date Night at Kapok Asian Restaurant.  Stockings are selling fairly steady now and the effort we put in now will save our sanity later.DSC_2192  DSC_2193

We finished our walk in the morning and sewed up about 20 stockings including the ones that required names and packing. DSC_2196 It took a little longer than expected,  but we managed to finish around 2 pm and headed out for lunch/dinner at the new targeted place.

Cheryl has been taking more and more fashion risks lately.  I think she has been either wanting to see if she can match the outfits styled in J Crew…Or  DSC_2197She is hunting around in the bargain clothes section and trying to see what will work with what. DSC_2199 Anyway, I like the green silk pants!

We had the entire place to ourselves.  ( well,  almost.)  The menu had the same Japanese beer we had at the Korean Barbeque, however, I decided to try the Chinese beer.DSC_2203DSC_2205  It was good!  Clean finish and refreshing.  The kind of beer you could drink too much of on a hot day thinking it was a soda.

( That is meant to be a good thing.  I like “drinkable “ beer.) DSC_2209

Then came the food.  First the tempura Squid! 

It was wonderful!   Served on a bed of lettuce on a bamboo tray.  I had forgotten how tough and chewy squid could be.  The taste was divine. DSC_2211


Then the main dishes.  Cheryl ordered pineapple shrimp and I ordered the salt and pepper pork chops.  What is there to say.   VERY FILLING!   Each dinner came with rice and nothing else…but we really didn’t need it. It was literally more food than we could eat!   DSC_2213DSC_2214We should have probably shared a dinner instead of ordering our own.  But we often share what we have to see what two meals taste like.  DSC_2216

It gets so dark here so quickly now, that the moon was out before long.  We decided to grab a couple of things from the store and head home. DSC_2222DSC_2223DSC_2225

All and all, this date night was somewhere in the 6 range out of 10 possible points.  I’m not sure if we will go again. The food was good, the atmosphere was par.  The menu selection was extensive.  Maybe the food was just not “awesome” enough to get it in the upper third.  But there are many other restaurants out there to try.  And who says it always has to be about food anyway?  We shall see where our next adventure will take us. 

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