Sunday, November 3, 2013

Date Night, With Cheryl and Ethan…

date-nightTechnically, every day is  date night for us.  However, they are not that special.  We usually do not get dressed updatenightcopy or go to fancy restaurants.  But Cheryl has decided that we should add a little more spice to our life by going outside our usual comfort zone.   And so begins ….DATE NIGHT! Date-Night-poster  Like fright night, but without the vampires or horror.   Actually, it is a fun time, but requires much preparation. 

First things first,  try to look your best!  DateNight We have all seen it, or been part of it.    Going to a fancy restaurant dressed like a bum.  People stare and point.   Some laugh, while others gasp and shield their eyes.   There is a simple method of avoiding this awkward situation.   And that is….Drum Roll…..DRESS UP!  At least TRY a little.   You know, simple things…..shower, shave,   wear good clothes. 

DSC_1903For this date night,  Cheryl wanted to wear her white skirt. DSC_1887 I was forced to take pictures of her looking Hot!  It’s difficult to show off in Wellman Iowa,  so I chose the only two trees that have turned color this fall.DSC_1883

I would show you the pictures Cheryl took of me, but…I look like a bum. Complete with 5 O-Clock Shadow and Nerd Glasses, Also called BCG’s in the Army.  Still want to see it?  Ok.  Fine,  Thank Cheryl for the awesome lighting composition to capture my best image.  DSC_1927

Despite my awesome appearance, we decided to go anyway.   Cheryl’s hotness was  thought to be enough to balance out my shuffled look.  We went to a Korean Bar B Que.   We were thinking it was going to be more Bar than “Q” but we were wrong.  It was a nice quiet place with a wonderful atmosphere.  We both wanted to try the Japanese menu, so we first ordered the two Japanese beers available. DSC_1946DSC_1950

Cheryl decided that they were both good. 

Then the food.   Appetizers were Korean Kimchee, Spicy noodles, and American Potato Salad.  Served with a bowl of Miso Soup.  Something for everyone!DSC_1951DSC_1953

Then the main meal.  I thought about Sushi, and there were lots of options siply in this department.  But ultimately we decided on a traditional pork and Chicken deep fried in Panko.  ( Think Japanese bread Crumbs.)  All was Wonderful.   DSC_1954DSC_1955                                 

We would like to go again, but part of date night is exploring someplace new once a week.  We shall see how long we can keep this up.  It was fun getting out of Wellman to actually DO something fun.  It opens up possibilities. DSC_1957DSC_1959

Oh!  And before I forget.  The Eagles are back in Iowa.  Cheryl snapped a picture of a couple that has landed in a field close to Kalona. DSC_1936DSC_1937 One took off right away, and even though they were close, the camera still makes them look far away.  This is why I usually use pictures I find off the web instead of our own.  No one wants to “find the eagle in this picture”  on the blog.    Stockings are picking up and so are the sales for Origami.  My blog posts might become more short and infrequent.  We shall see

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