Saturday, February 1, 2014

EM- BROY- DAR- EE T- Shirt Challenge!

41A2MybFpcL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_Having lost my desire to blog lately, I must take steps to find at least something blog-worthy to muse about.  Our day to day routine will be coming to a halt here for about a week as ACT has offered us another “dying” writing assessment.   Namely:  Foreign Service.    I guess this is the last year they will be offering it to the government or foreign agents, service people and ambassadors.  I guess it should almost be a given that James Bond and Shirley Temple can write a cohesive thought BEFORE they get the job.  Concept So the Government has decided to limit this one of its MANY redundancies,  and as a result ACT is out one more project.    And Cheryl and I ( and all the other “regular” scorers at ACT) are out another paying gig.  Ah well….there are always field tests..( fingers crossed!) Or ….”Other” things….

DSC_2999Other than that I have been firing up the embroidery machine to tackle another project of my own.   Embroidery on a T-shirt!  DSC_3002 It is MUCH more difficult than I had first imagined.    The stretchy fabric makes for a challenge with many pitfalls along the way.   Fabric ripping, thread breaking, misalignment of the font.  Skipped thread, and catastrophic machine failures were all in the mix for this one.   I never knew that the Felt was such a dream in comparison!


In the end,  I managed to get two T-shirts to work out….sort of.  And, with a suggestion by Cheryl, An Apron!   The apron was a canvass fabric and took the embroidery MUCH easier.   DSC_3000I also think it Looks the best.   Now all that is left is for the final party to think the same.   We shall see.

You may be thinking that all that effort and difficulty with limited success would be a bad thing.   But ALAS….. the problems I experienced could have happened during the height of the stocking season…..and that would have been bad.   Better to figure out how to solve these problems with a sound mind and open ended time limit  well in advance of that time.  Christmas time is crazy enough as it is.   Cheryl panicked this year and purchased me another sewing machine simply because my button set up failed and it took me a day to figure out the problem.  Anyway.  I  hope our week long project is a good one at ACT.   And I hope I will find the motivation to blog more often in the upcoming months.   We shall see..    

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