Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Origami Frogs and ACT.

DSC_3537We are back at work again after a one week rest.   It’s a simple gig that we have already scored before and it is not going to last very long, but hey,  You have to take things as they come.  Anyway,  DSC_3521I have been struggling to fold something, ANYTHING! for the better part of a month now.   Many of my things have been expiring off my Etsy shop now and the shelves are filled with old origami.   But Lucky for me!    I have found that I can make room and find homes for my old stuff at ACT.   I guess I just don’t have the heart to throw anything away, myself.  Anyway, I have been working on some simple things.  Best to start small and familiar, right?    So  Some Origami Frogs on Leaves…..We shall see how they turn out.  Now that I have more space on my shelves, I may get the folding bug back  in me to re-fill it.   We shall see….

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L. D. said...

It is always fun to see what you will be folding next. I just subbed with a class of 7th graders teaching them how to make folded boxes. I had to go to the internet to remember the fold sequences.


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