Thursday, February 13, 2014

The End of FSOT…For Cheryl and Ethan: And ACT.

mzm_sxwumxpdIt was not very long, but wetop-fso-bg_July2013 finished the  Foreign Service Writing project yesterday.  Only about a week, which is normal I guess.  In the end,  this will be the last time ACT scores it.  I’m not sure if they are fazing it out or if another company bid on it. ( Pearson perhaps.)   In any case,  it was short and sweet and over in just the right amount of time for us   I guess we will have an English scoring gig coming up in a few weeks.     

In the mean time, it is back to stockings, origami and key rings. Thermometer Cheryl managed to sell five key rings the first three days they were up.   She was very happy.  It would be way too cool if they managed to help us through the dry desert of summer.  We shall keep our fingers crossed.

Other than that, we have been braving the sub-zero temps the last 5 days.  -20 for a couple of days there!  I guess it will be warming up this next week and I can’t wait.  I guess I’m not used to the cold like I once was in Alaska.  Funny how we change of over the years.ikea  

So,  that’s it!  Not much else going on in our otherwise boring lives.  We Do have an IKEA trip coming up next week and perhaps I will have more to blog about then,  Until then,  have a great week!

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