Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day, Cheryl Style!

DSC_3378Cheryl had plans for us on Valentines day.  No fancy restaurants, no movie, no dancing.  DSC_3381Just a nice day at home with Champaign, candles and chocolate covered strawberries!  It was nice!  I even got to cook up some Alaskan Crab Legs with the bamboo steamer!   Cheryl was reading in one of her magazines about the 5 reasons not to go out for Valentines day.  I actually agree with most of them.   DSC_3380It only took a brief moment at the HyVee Flower department to see all of the other “loser” men trying to buy last minute flowers for their significant other to see the value in advanced planning and non-conformity to prescribed social holidays. DSC_3384 I guess it is a safely net for some guys who can point out to their wives that they, at the very least, purchase flowers for valentines day.   But really?  Is that the “BEST” you can do?   I really liked how these guys were so clueless they did not even know that you are supposed to buy only ONE type of flower ( ROSES!)   in only three acceptable colors:  RED ( best!) Pink ( runner up if red is all out) and yellow(   Friendship!  Not the best, but better than white or orange.  Be Prepared to be “misunderstood”)     

Another reason the article suggested to not dine out was that the food at restaurants tends to be overrated on valentines day.   I agree.  I actually think I can make a better meal that looks better, costs less and taste far better than any food made by “professionals” in the cooking field. 

loud-music Other than that,  Our neighbors are playing loud music upstairs and it is driving me crazy as I am finding it a challenge to type even the simplest of phrases.  This new turn of events has forced Cheryl into thinking we seriously have to move sooner rather than later.  It is exciting when we look at places we could move to,  and thinking about what it will take to make that happen.   She has been working on her new items for the shop and trying to figure out how we can make the stockings work even better for us this next Christmas.   We shall see how things turn out. 

In the mean time, I have been folding again.   A little at first, but we will see how it goes as the next week progresses.   Tonight I folded up a few Koi in the hopes that the person that requested them will find them acceptable.  We shall see how it turns out. 

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