Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Robins Missed the Ground Hog’s Memo.

DSC_3275It is rather cold here in Iowa this year.  I have not been here long enough to gauge things, but I have been told by natives that this has been “exceptionally cold” for Iowa.   Never the less,   we continue to do our walks in the negative temperatures and blowing snow.  Even after work!   Yes we managed to qualify for the Foreign service project and it is almost half way through.   They never seem to be very long projects anyway.  However,  we have been invited to score the English Quality Core later this month. YEAH!

The “Job” as we call it, forces us to have to actually “work” during a serious piece of time during our day.  DSC_3284 This means that there simply is not much of our time left over to actually do the things WE want to do.  This includes the walks, which have been getting later and later as the day progresses and we try to squeeze as much time out of the job as we can.   I actually like walking in the dark.  Fewer cars and less wind.   The temperatures could be a little warmer, but they never are very toasty in the middle of the day anyway.   We simply have to wait for the weekend if we want to walk during the day.

DSC_3285In the mean time,  we witnessed a rather odd phenomenon during our walk today.   ROBINS!   You know,  the birds the symbolize spring in Michigan?   There are Dozens of them in out neighbors yard!   At first I couldn’t believe it and when I told Cheryl,  she thought I was crazy.  SO  I decided to acquire photographic proof!  I snapped a few shots of them hanging out in what I think is a crab apple tree.  It’s too bad my camera does not have a telescopic lens, and that most of the bird flew away every time I tried to get too close,  ( like under the tree!)   But I managed to get a few on film and actually fix photo a decent shot.   DSC_3288

Hopefully the weather will get warmer.   Today was one of those “BAD” days where everything was off a little bit.  Blowing snow that blinds you,  rude people in the stores,  buying the wrong things only to realize it when you get home.   things like that.   Worst of all is my inability to fold anything!   I HATE those days!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better as we are not planning on going to Iowa City so we can stay home and relax.   Perhaps     I will even manage to get an origami to work out…we shall see

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