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An Evening with Gnomegang Beer. Und One September Night Chapter 8. Imaginations run Wild!

Last night, Cheryl and I tried the Gnomegang beer of the Omnegang Beer group.   It is a blond beer; meaning it is very drinkablDSC_4460e.   Clean, refreshing,  and smooth all come to mind while drinking this stuff.   If it were not so expensive, I would probably purchase it as my regular beer of choice.  It was possibly the closest to the Honey Brown I usually enjoy.  I believe it could have come with anything, but we tried it with blueberry pie and coffee cake.   Both were excellent!  DSC_4461
Other than that,  I continue to fold and Cheryl continues to score.  We both start our next project on Monday, and the way Cheryl keep missing validities, I’m thinking she will not have to be juggling two jobs at the same time for very long.   It’s all good in the end.   We just have to make as much as we can with this next gig.   In the mean time.  Enjoy chapter 8 of the novel.  

Chapter 8

    Sam looked down at Whitney and Daniel.   They returned her gaze waiting for her reaction.   Sam looked confused a bit  but still not convinced. 
    “Well?”  Whitney demanded
    “That doesn’t prove anything.   I don’t even know what they were talking about  I could barely hear them over the noise.”   Sam carefully lowered her voice so the parents would not hear. 
    “Even I heard that they were talking about a refrigerator.”  Daniel confirmed. “ What else could they be talking about?”
    “Yeah!”  Whitney agreed.
    “You guys are so stupid.   I admit I couldn’t hear everything, But they were talking about money and stuff.   You guys read those stupid kid horror stories and your imagination goes crazy.   I highly doubt that Dad killed anyone.”
    “But Mom thinks he is going to get in trouble.   Maybe she thinks he is going to go to jail.”  Whitney argued.
    “Look,   Mom and Dad always talk about money.   Mom always works in the yard digging up plants and stuff.   And maybe they were talking about our fridge.  You know how it is always making those funny noises.   And it never keeps the pop cold.   Maybe they are talking about buying a new one.”  
    “I don’t think that is what they were talking about.”   Daniel confided, “I think they were talking about the body that is buried in the refrigerator in the middle of Yankee springs.”
    “You guys think what you want  I’m going to go to my room and call Lisa.   I can’t believe I wasted this much time listening to you two. “   Sam got up and walked out,  closing the door behind her with a thump.
    “I knew we shouldn’t have told her.”  Daniel said, still staring at the door.  e
    “It doesn’t matter,”  Whitney replied, also looking at the door.   She turned to Daniel,  “At least we know what happened.   She never believes us anyway.” 
    “So  what do we do now? “
    “I don’t know,  you want to play Matrix?”  Whitney picked up the controller and motioned to the television screen.
    Sam stormed to her bedroom and closed the door behind her.  She picked up the phone and flopped on the bed,  dialing her friends number. 
    “Hello?”  Came a familiar voice.
    “Lisa?   Hey it's me.”
    “Hey!  What’s up Sam? “ 
    “Nothing much.  Just got back from talking to my brother and sister.   They are crazy.   You want to do something tonight?”
    “No, It’s getting late and the light as gone by 6 now.  Can’t really do much outside.   And it’s a school day ,  or so my parents are so quick to point out.   Like I can’t do anything after a certain time cause I have school the next day.   I don’t know about your parents,  but mine are crazy.”  Lisa vented.
    “Yeah,  my parents are totally oppressive too.   And equally insane.  Oh!   I just have to tell you all about what my crazy brother and sister told me just before I called you .”  
    Lisa giggled  in anticipation.   Sibling stories were so funny sometimes.  “Ok ,  Go!  I’m listening.”  
    “Well,  I come home today and they tell me that my Dad killed Jamie Miles!  Can you believe that?”
    Lisa paused,   “Why would they think that?” 
    “They thought they  overheard Mom and him talking about burying a body in a refrigerator somewhere in Yankee springs or something.”
    “Geees!  Why would he kill Jamie miles? “
    “I don’t know,  maybe because he came over once.  Whit thinks Dad thinks I was dating him or something. “
    “You were dating Jamie!” 
    “NO!  Gross!  I just brought him over so we could work on some math assignment   He was suppose to be a wiz at it.”
    “So you’re not dating Jamie?”  Lisa confirmed.  It was important to keep the facts straight when it came to who was going with whom in the overall social structure.
    “No,  I barely knew him.  And he might have been hot but he wasn’t really my type  I’m not into those guys that dress like Dracula.”  hqdefault
    “So why did your Dad kill him?” 
    “What?  I didn’t say Dad killed him!”  Sam gasped
    “Yes you did.”  Lisa confirmed
    “No, I said my sister and brother think he did!”
    “But you said they heard your Mom and Dad talking about burying Jamie in the Yankee springs.”
    “Whoa!  Wait!  Ok,  let’s get this straight.  My Dad didn’t kill anyone.   Everyone knows Jamie ran away.   I don’t know what my sister and brother heard.   But, if history proves anything,  Then they probably got it totally wrong. “
    “How do you know? “
    “How do I know?  They are my brother and sister.”
    “I mean How do you know your Dad didn’t kill  Jamie?” 
    “I know because…well  I just know is all.”  Sam paused for a minute.  She really didn’t know for sure. She just knew her Dad would probably not waste time on a loser like Jamie Miles.  “Why?  Do you think he killed Jamie?”
    “Well Sam,  Everyone knows your Dad is kinda crazy when it comes to you and boys.  Even my dad is not that bad.  And Jamie has been gone for a couple of days now.   Even his Mom and Dad don’t know where he is.”  She paused,  “What else do you know?”  She asked with a eager tone in her voice.
    “Nothing, I mean  I didn’t actually hear anything.  I heard it from my sister who heard it from my brother.” 
    “Well if that is not the most reliable source. Then I don’t know what is.”
    “What?  What do you mean?”
    “Look Sam  I was reading in my seventeen  magazine that kids are a great authority when it cones to serious issues  cause they tell you like it is.  They don’t spin or lie about things like adults do.  Adults try to protect people’s feelings,   but young kids   like grade-schoolers,  they tell the truth no matter how hard the blow is.”  
  Santa- Exasperated   “That doesn’t make much sense.  I mean,  you don’t know these two like I do.”  Sam answered skeptically.
    “Ok  If you went up to Santa clause or a really important person,  and they had really bad breath,  would you tell them?”
    “Well,  No, that would be rude. “
    “How about your younger brother?”
    Samantha thought a moment.  That very situation had happened to Danny two years ago.   Mom and Dad swore that was the last time they would go see Santa after that.   Whitney was heartbroken.
    “You’re right!”  Sam acknowledged    “But that still doesn’t mean anything,  They still exaggerate things.   Maybe they heard wrong.    I still don’t believe them.” 
    “Well,  you should keep an eye on your Dad anyway,  If he is willing to kill Jamie,  then there is no telling who else is next.”
    “Look,  I really doubt Dad killed anyone.  I don’t know why I even told you.  Let’s change the subject.   This one is getting creepy.”   Sam paused a minute,   “so have you heard anything from Andy yet?”
    “Oh yeah,   I think he likes you!  You should definitely talk to him tomorrow.”   Lisa encouraged.
    “I wouldn’t know what to say.”
    “Talk about cars,  He likes cars.  He wants to be a mechanic when he graduates.” 
    “But I don’t know anything about cars.”  Samantha admitted.   “What else is there?”
    “I don’t know,  all I know is he likes cars and that is pretty much all he talks about.    Just ask a bunch of questions.  He will do all the talking, Trust me.  Then ask if you can continue the conversation over lunch.   If he says yes,   you might as well place your mark of ownership on him.”
    “What if he says no? “
    “I doubt he will,  I think he really likes you.  But if he says no,  you probably asked him the wrong question about cars.    It probably wouldn’t hurt if you brushed up on some car stuff.”   Lisa suggested.
    “Ok,  Maybe I’ll do some of that now.   I’ll read all night if I have to.   I should probably let you go.   I got a busy day tomorrow.”
    “Ok,   I have some homework I need to work on too.   I’ll see you tomorrow, ‘k? see ya then.”
    mSnKU6cmhlDLXoHgfR7Mltg Sam hung up the phone and ran out to the garage  and picked up a Chilton repair guide for the 87 Ford Taurus.   She blew off the dust and gripped  it by the corner carefully avoiding the oil stained pages and partially ripped cover.  She walked back toward her room grabbing several paper towels on her way through the kitchen.   She placed  a layer of paper towels on her small desk then placed the book on top of them.  She then grabbed a pair of tweezers   off her vanity and began flipping through the pages. 

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